About Us

Cobrakill was formed in 2020 by guitarist Randy White. After a few line up changes the band got together in their current constellation. With Nick Adams on vocals, Randy White on Lead Guitar, Tommy Gun on Rhythm Guitar, Crippler Ramirez on Bass and Toby Ventura on the drums, the band headed to Monkey Moon Recordings in Dortmund, Germany to record their first album "Cobratör" in summer of 2021.

The bands music is inspired by bands like Judas Priest, W.A.S.P., Ratt or Mötley Crüe resulting in a unique sound, that captures the best of both hard hitting traditional Heavy Metal and the more flamboyant Glam Metal style.

Cobrakill manages to capture the essence of both scenes, on record and live. The band played their first live show in May 2022 in Hamburg, Germany. They were soon known for their entertaining and energetic live perfomances. And so, just four months after their live debut, the band got booked for the legendary Wacken Open Air, where they performed in August 2023.

After many exciting live shows in summer 2023, Cobrakill signed with Italian major label Frontiers Music Srl for the release of their second studio album "Serpent's Kiss" which will be released on 19.01.2024.